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Scale For Weighing Chemicals $5.00
Edwal Anti-stat Film 32oz Cleaner, B W Color Films #edafc32 $44.95
Photographer's Formulary Residual Hydroquinone 100 Grams #100670 $6.49
Fixer: 2 Packages To Make 2 Gallons $4.00
Antique Marvel M-q Tubes With Original Box Rare $14.99
Kodak Technidol Liquid Developer To Make 8 Oz. $23.25
Photographic Solutions Pec-12 Photo Emulsion Cleaner 4 Oz. Spray Pump Bottle $16.90
Kodak Dektol Black White Paper Developer, Powder To Make 1 Gallon. #1464726 $5.79
Potassium Ferrcyanide -- 1k Bottle $5.00
Acufine Film Developer (to Make 1 Gallon) $8.99
Kodak Dektol Developer 3 Cans Powder For 1 Quart Each $19.50
Kodak Tmax Rs Film Developer Replenisher $3.99
Rodinal Film Developer 500ml $38.42
Sodium Metabisulfite Fcc Grade 1 Lb. $4.99
Sodium Bisulfate Anhydrous 98% 1 Lb. $4.99
Kodak D-76 Black And White Film Developer Unopened 1 Qt. Can $9.95
Kodak D-76 Black White Film Developer, Powder To Make 1 Liter. #8275497 $3.95
Solarol Film Developer - 6.75 Oz Can - Makes 2 Quarts New Photography Lab $5.00
Kodak 1464247 Indicator Stop Bath For Black White Films $6.29
Kodak Film Development Lot Microdol-x, Dektol, Selectol And Paper $55.00
Neofin Blau Tetenal Film Developer $24.95
Diafine 2 Bath B W Film Developer 1 Gallon Solution #dfd128 $38.47
Acufine Film Developer $6.95
Tmax Developer $5.00
Potassium Bromide 100 Grams $7.99
Acufine Black White Film Developer 1 Gallon Solution #afd128 $16.95
Tmax Developer #2 $5.00
Dektol Developer 9 Packages Make A Total Of 9 Gallons $9.00
2 100pk Pec Pad 2 Lense Cleaner Lense Paper Photowipes(50) $19.99
Ilford Multigrade Paper Developer 500 Milliliter. #1918555 $7.95
20# Of Sodium Thiosulphate (fixer Without Hardener) $5.00
Kodak Microdol Developer-3 Cans Powder For 1 Gal. Each $19.50
Sodium Metabisulfite Sodium Metabisulphite 1 Lb Value $7.90
Heico Perma-wash, Archival B W Pre-wash, 1 Quart #chpwq $19.99
Kodak Ektacolor Prime Sp-bleach Fix 10 Litres $45.00
Kodak D-76 Developer New $3.00
2- One Quart Packages Kodak Microdol-x Film Developer $3.99
Kodak Ektacolor Prime Sp Developer-replenisher-10 Litres $40.00
Ilford Id-11 Fine Grain Developer For B W Film, 1 Lt #1960457 $5.95
Kodak 1599844 T-max Black White Film Developer $39.95
Kodak Technidol Lc Film Developer For Tech Pan Film Makes 3 Pints $64.95
4 Bottles Of Microdol X Liquid Developer Kodak $20.00
Kodak Photo-flo 200 Photographic Wetting Agent, 16 Ounce Bottle. #1464510 $7.99
Technidol And 3 Rolls Technical Pan Film 120 Size Lomo 2002 $75.00
Dektol Developer 10 Packages Make A Total Of 10 Gallons $10.00
Kodak D-76 Developer Never Been Opened $3.50
Photographer's Formulary Td-16 Improved D-76 Film Developer 1-4 Liters #010270 $7.95
Kodak Gold Chloride $1.00
Vintage Kodak Direct Positive Developing Outfit Nip $9.99

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Thu Dec 18 2014

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